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New & Used Air Hammers For Sale In IL, KS & MO Dealerships

Air Hammer Inventory Available Online

JT60 All Terrain,  JT100 All Terrain Air Hammers:

 Ditch Witch All Terrain horizontal directional drills are proven to install utility conduit with exceptional efficiency in the widest range of ground formations, from mixed hard soil to cobble to solid rock.  Designed for use with the JT4020 All Terrain and JT100 All Terrain directional drills, the All Terrain Air Hammer expands the range of Ditch Witch All Terrain directional drills to include the hardest rock.

Along with Ditch Witch All Terrain horizontal directional drills, air hammers and mud motors are designed for penetrating solid rock. But the one advantage the All Terrain Air Hammer has over its competitors is patented All Terrain technology, which enables the All Terrain Air Hammer to continuously drill as it is being steered, resulting in a faster, more efficient bore.  Conventional air hammers require stopping the drill rotation to change directions, and mud motors typically begin to lose their effectiveness beyond 20,000 psi rock.

Mud Motors also typically require a great deal of downhole fluid, while the All Terrain Air Hammer does not.  It has a very low flow rate, only 4 gpm (15L/min), so fluid costs are minimal, as are cleanup time and expense.  Used properly, the All Terrain Air Hammer leaves only dry cuttings and a relatively small amount of foam that is used downhole to remove the cuttings.  And unlike other air hammers on the market, the All Terrain requires no oiler or drilling mud, which reduces maintenance expense and overall cost of production.

The All Terrain Air Hammer comes in a kit that includes everything the operator needs: the unit itself, a 6.5 inch (165 mm) convex bit, convex bit jaw, and 4-inch (102 mm) jaw assembly, 2 slide pins, the Rockmaster Air Housing, and a fluid pump and air adapter kit.  Featuring larger air ports, the Rockmaster Air Housing is designed to help maximize the productivity of the All Terrain Air Hammer.

For more information about the All Terrain Air Hammer
contact your Ditch Witch Sales, Inc. Sales Representative in one of our locations in Missouri, Kansas, or Illinois. 

JT2020, JT3020 Mach1  Air Hammers:

Ditch Witch Sales, Inc. is also a distributor for Air Hammers fitting the JT2020 and JT3020M1 directional drills.  If you're in the market or have interest in a percussive directional rock drill contact your Ditch Witch Sales, Inc., Sales Representative.

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